Ivette Gomez, LMHC, 
M. Ed, MA is a licensed mental health counselor based in Naples, Florida. 

Ivette Gomez obtained her degree in counseling from the University of Puerto Rico (M. Ed). She worked with women for 16 years at the Naples Shelter for Abused Women and Children where she created a Hispanic Women Support Group and a comprehensive Healing Arts Program. In 2009 she began working with Florida Gulf Coast University, offering counseling and psychological services with students. Ivette currently runs her private practice which started in 2006 and is available for private sessions.

As a holistic practitioner Ivette understands that the body and mind work in a systemic manner. All our functions are interrelated and there are energy patterns that connect the many different levels of being that affect our lives everyday. Ivette works in a gentle way, with kindness and compassion, in gratitude to the people that every day allow her to join them in the change and transformation of their lives.

Stress Reduction Techniques

Expressive Psychotherapies

Energy Psychology Techniques (EFT, TAT)


Spiritual Coaching

Rapid Trauma

Trauma Incident Reduction


Reiki I,II,III

Immigration Psychological reports

Guided Meditation


Narrative Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Yoga Instructor

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
“True healers do not heal you, they simply reflect back to you your innate capacity to heal. They are a reflector or a loving transparency. True teachers doesn´t teach, they don´t see you inherently separate from them or less than them, they simply reflect back your own inner knowing and reminds  you of the vastness of your being. They are mirrors or signposts. And Love is the space in which all is possible- Love heals and we learn best in a loving field, no threat of failure...”

1456 31st St. SW
Naples, Fl 34117
H: 239-348-7697
C: 239-272-2096